Machine Development Theory


  • kegan for adulthood
  • piage for childhood
  • autonomous vehicle levels of autonomy
  • definition of life relies on a separation between the self and the environment


  • piage
    • sensory
    • locomotion, locution, sensormotor reasoning
    • reasoning, symbolic development, semantic reasoning
    • reproduction
    • time and space
  • self-conformist
    • moral development
    • what's positive reinforcement? what's good behavior?
  • self-authoring
    • evolutionary biology
  • embodiment

  • Flavell's Theories of Human Development
  • Biological, contextualist, theory based knowledge, information processing
  • Piaget's Theory
    • Building Modular Patterns
    • Concepts, Repetition, Regulation, Compensation, Learning
    • Piaget believed that congnitive structures exist
    • These structures are continually created and modified
    • Theory of Mind
    • The Equilibration Machine
    • Miller (2018) Building Minds With Patterns
    • Piaget (1977) The Development of Thought

Goal Generation and Management in NARS

  • Christian Hahm, Boyang Xu, Pei Wang
  • a goal is a motivation for a cognitive system's activities
  • goals can take any level of complexity, specificy and content
  • goals can be active or latent
  • to achieve goals we use context and knowledge
  • goals can either be input (by an external source, e.g. user) or derived (by the system itself)
  • goal derivation / sub-goaling, knowledge + backward chaining
  • the goal derivation forest