March 05, 2018

Explorables Design Patterns

status: draft, living doc, invitation to collaborate

February 01, 2018

Product Design Patterns

I have the habit of writing something down whenever I catch myself repeating the same concept to multiple people on different occasions.

January 05, 2018

Principles of Adult Behavior

Ran into this on hackernews and thought it would be cool to save a copy here. Seems like good advice.

November 16, 2017

Business Logic

This is an early exploration of enabling the composition of multiple [origins]('s business logic using a controlled natural language (e.g. [Attempto]( and [markdown](

November 10, 2017

Some Missing Actions

In the process of working with John Foliot at the [W3C Personalization Task Force]( we identified a series of Actions that were entirely missing from the [original taxonomy](

October 07, 2017


microforms is a file type (```application/microforms```) designed to expose REST endpoints.

July 02, 2017

Channel-oriented PubSub

A channel-oriented pubsub protocol is a network protocol that enables **subscribers** to register their interest to **channels** and get **notified** when **publishers** push content to them. It is said to be a **decentralized** pubsub protocol when multiple participating nodes collaborate while still being resilient to untrustworthy nodes.